Javali Men's Groooming

Capillary Structuring Wax

Hair and mustache

Size 50g e 30g
US$ 19,78 (50g) / US$ 13,14 (30g)
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  • Natural appearance
  • With Wheat Protein
  • Matte effect (no shininess)
  • Strong fixation
  • Thermal protection
  • Resistance to high humidity
  • For all types of hair and beard


Because of the differentiated ingredients, such as natural beeswax that leaves the hair soft and pliable and wheat protein that strengthens, repairs and protects, reducing hair breakage, the Javali Men’s Grooming Capillary Structuring Wax easily models hair and beard with sustained fixation throughout the day. It also provides conditioning, controlling oiliness with a silky and dry feel and reduces static electricity in the hair, reducing the "fly-away" effect. Recommended for different types of hair and beard, JVL Wax protects, repairs and restructures hair, from cuticle to cortex. So, it does not matter if your hair or mustache type is normal, extremely damaged, dry or aged. Javali Men’s Grooming Wax is perfect for all individuals. It is perfect for you.

Javali Tips for this product

How to apply the product correctly

Put the desired amount (depending on the length of the hair) on the palm of the hand and spread evenly by lightly rubbing your hands together, then apply to the hair without touching the scalp (to prevent the scalp from generating oil) and then shape the hair as desired.