Javali Men's Groooming


For Hair and beard

Size 50gr
US$ 16,25
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  • Natural appearance
  • With coconut oil
  • Matte effect (no shininess)
  • Strong Hold
  • Thermal protection
  • Humidity Resistant
  • Suitable for All Types of Hair


Formulated with natural ingredients such as Beeswax, which leaves the hair soft and supple, and Coconut Oil that gives it a deep moisture, the Javali Men’s Grooming Ointment for Hair and Beard provides a strong hold throughout the day. It also controls oiliness, gives the hair a silky touch and reduces the static electricity also known as "fly-away” effect. It is suitable for all types of hair and beard. It doesn't matter if your hair or moustache are extremely damaged, dry or aged, the Javali Ointment for Hair and Beard is a perfect option for you.

Javali Tips for this product

Applying the product correctly

Pour the necessary amount of ointment into the palm of your hand (depending on the length of the hair) and spread it evenly by lightly rubbing your hands together. Then, apply it to the hair without touching the scalp (to prevent oiliness) and style it as you wish.